Could I be the next Analytics Rock Star?

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I’m honored to be included in the “Analytics Rock Stars 2019: Top Tips and Tricks” session at Adobe Summit this year in Vegas. I made my way onto the Rock Stars panel based on my entry for the inaugural Adobe Insider Tour stop in Atlanta, where I shared two tips:

  • Want to use Virtual Report Suites in place of Multi-suite tagging, but stuck on the need for different currency code settings? I’ve found a work-around that uses Incrementor Events so you can get local and report-suite-converted currency reports!
  • Copy and classify built-in Activity Map values to create automatic and friendly user navigation reports!

I don’t want to go into too much detail on this post- if you want more info, you’ll have to come to my session or ask me directly. Sign up for the session, then come introduce yourself!

Also, you may also want to check out Hila Dahan’s session on Advanced Calculated Metrics: Forecasting, Statistical Significance & Churn.

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