Appearances & Recorded Content


Stop investing in (the wrong) tools with Jennifer Kunz
The Test and Learn Community (TLC)- August 2023

Fun with Adobe Launch – The Absolute BEST ways to send data to any Adobe product
Accutics Webinar with Frederik Werner and Jim Gordon- February 2024

Best Practices for Building & Maintaining a Digital Governance System
Observepoint DataChat LIVE- July 2022

Who clicked that? And then what did they do?
Adobe Experience Cloud – October 2021

Interviews, Presentations, and Conferences

Tackling Data Challenges in a Changing Landscape
Superweek Panel with the Test and Learn Community- January 2024

Silos inside Business/Agencies
Superweek Live- January 2024

Controlling Tags so they don’t control you
Originally from the Marketing Analytics Summit in June 2022


Funnel Reboot (with Glenn Schmelzle) “Building insights with Adobe Analytics” – May 2024

Marketing Analytics Live Online Episode 17 – March 2023

The wind of change in web analytics – Standard Deviation – February 2023

Implementation Tips – Beyond Web Analytics – August 2011

33 Tangents (also available in your podcast app)

The Draw of Over-Engineering Analytics Data Collection Solutions – Episode 297, February 2024

The Architecture Pitfalls of Single Vendor Solutions – Episode 296, February 2024

How Do You Grow Your Career in Digital Analytics – Episode 231, October 2022

Common Instrumentation Pitfalls – Episode 205, April 2022

What’s the Deal with Server-Side Tracking – Episode 204, April 2022

Is All the Hubbub Around Cookies a Distraction? – Episode 174, August 2021

What is Privacy When It Comes To The Internet? – Episode 172, August 2011

Consultant vs Contractor – Episode 132, November 2020

The Analytics Content Divide between Web and App – Episode 116, July 2020

Being Human at Work – Episode 113, June 2020

Designing Analytics Solutions – Episode 12 – July 2018