Find the total number of values in an Adobe Analytics Variable Report

“How do I know how many rows/unique values are in my eVar report?”
I hear this question fairly often, and since the answer isn’t currently extremely straight-forward, I figured I could walk through the solution here. So let’s say you have a report with many pages:
Rather than trying to get to the last page of the report somehow to see how many row numbers there are, you can find out about the number of unique values in the reportĀ using the Row Count calculated metric.
To set this up, go to add a metric to the report, then “Add” to get to the Calculated Metric wizard:

Give the metric an intuitive name, like “Report Rows” or “Unique Reported Values”, then search in the formulasĀ for “Row Count”:

Drag “Row Count” over to the Calculated Metric Definitions, and save. That’s all there is to it!


Now you can have that as a metric in your report. For whatever reason, it doesn’t always show nicely if it is the ONLY metric selected, so I recommend having at least one metric (like visits) alongside it as well. It doesn’t make a ton of sense in the report, line-by-line: every line will show the same number, and that number represents the aggregate number of values in the report. So in the below, I can see this particular report has 140 unique rows/values in it:

I do believe in the future, a simpler way of doing this may be a bit more built in, but for now, here is a relatively easy way to get a count of values for a report!

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