Quick poll: What should I tackle next?

Each new year, I tend to dive into some new side project (this is how the Beacon Parser and the PocketSDR came about). I have quite a few things I want to tackle right now, and one main thing I’m slowly plugging away at, but in the meantime, I’m wondering what to prioritize. So, a poll:

Any other ideas (or desired improvements to existing tools)? Let me know in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Quick poll: What should I tackle next?

  1. Something I’ve worked on over the last few years, was a tool to make it easier to have one place to keep track of my implementation. Kind of a one-stop place to see things like your SDR variable map, your DTM rules, your change history, processing rules, classification, and how they all connect and interact. And it includes a search/filter tool for these reports. I gave a demo of the tool (Excel based) a while back to the DTM team, and they were excited by the concept. The biggest challenge was the lack of connection between the Excel tool and Adobe API’s. And my PHP skills are limited, so building it in a system to take better advantage of the Adobe API’s was more work than I had time for.

    With the new Launch API’s (I’m told the change history will be available), I think there is potential to make a more viable product to connect Launch, Adobe Analytics API, and maybe other Adobe tools. Our industry NEEDS an easier way to see how our implementations are working and how the various tools and systems connect and interact. Adobe does many things well, but giving us a view of how a company is utilizing their tools is definitely not something they’ve done well yet.

    1. Hey, Pierre! yes, I can definitely think of some situations in which that would be really useful. I know there are some chrome plugins out there to help manage cookies, but I could see having one a little more geared towards analytics testing, etc, could be very useful. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Hi Jenn,

    I am very new to Mobile Apps and have a task to perform tag audit for mobile App. i m not sure if there are any tools available which can allow me to perform tag audit of mobile app on my system and with the help of debugger if i can actually view the variables passed in beacon when i m moving from one screen to another or clicking on any link or button.

    could you please help me to know if this can be possible or if you can develop such app where Mobile app tag audit becomes as easier as website 🙂 everything on one screen.

    your help is very much appreciated.

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